UConn Home & Garden Education Center Articles


2022 is Year of Peperomia
5 Seed Starting Mistakes
Seed Catalog Updates
All America Selection Winners for 2022
Winter Evidence of Insect Pests
Helpful Houseplant Hints
White Footed Mice
Roses for Valentine's Day


Christmas Rose - Not a Houseplant
Start a New Holiday Tradition
Selecting and Caring for Christmas Trees

It was a Berry Good Year
Wicked Weeds
Mulch Madness
Growing Figs in New England
Lilacs Make for a Lovely Spring
Spring Lawn Tips
Sow Some Seeds

Edible Flowers
Caring for Springtime Holiday Plants
Vegetable Vernacular
2021 Is the Year of the Hyacinth
Happiness is Growing
CT State Bird - A Sure Sign of Spring
March Flowers, Birds and Other Things
Make Room for Mushrooms
Plant a Pollinator Garden
Say It With Flowers
Spring Into Seed Starting
Petunias are Super for Containers and Flower Beds
DIY Greenhouse Cabinet for Happy Houseplants
White-Breasted Nuthatches
Native Pines

Selecting and Caring for Christmas Trees
It Was a Berry Good Year
Welcome Juncos
Fall Into Spring
Redtail Hawks
Now is a Great Time to Soil Test
Fall Leaves
Make History - Plant Garlic!
Autumn Mushrooms
Fall for Anemones
The Story Behind Jack O'Lantern
Okay to Resume Feeding Birds
Variety is the Spice of Life
Fall is the Best Time to Plant Peonies
Sumac - Worthy for Landscapes?
Late Summer Lawn Care Tips
Blueberries are a Tasty Treat
2021 is Year of Sunflower
Slugging it Out
Moist Conditions Make for Many Mosquitoes
More Peas Please
Common Cucurbit Problems
Watering Plants
Plant Reversions
Sawfly Pests in the Landscape
Magnificent Mountain Laurels
Sustainable Pest Control
Catnip Anyone?


All America Selection Winners
Holiday Plants to Lift Your Spirits
Holiday Gifts for Gardeners
Earwigs and Slugs
Plant Evergreens for Holiday Decorating
Dazzling Dahlia
Ornamental Gourds

Tea - A Complicated Brew

Improve Soils Now for Better Growth Next Year
Connecticut Barns
Sassafras - A Spicy Native Tree
The Bounty of Bulbs
Plant Windflowers Now for a Spring Treat
Bring Those Herbs Inside
Hail Kale
Putting the Garden to Bed With Cover Crops
Yellowjackets-Beneficial Insects but Unwelcome Guests
Bird Food
It's Garlic Time
Plants Stressed by Summer Heat and Drought
The Galls on Those Plants
Powdery Mildew: a Perennial Problem that I Don't Usually Mind
Zany for Zinnias
Battling Beetles
July Chores
Beans, Beans, For Your Heart...
Make Way for Chipmunks!
Ground Covers,
What's Wrong With My Dogwood?
Defenses and Survival Tactics of Some Insects
Planting Tips for Containerized Plants,
Is Your Pachysandra Patch Suffering? Might Be Volutella Blight.
Butterflies in the Garden,  
The Easy and Versatile Radish, 
Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week - Start a Compost Pile!
Potatoes - Little Effort Big Reward,
Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
Weeds-Off to a Good Start,