Who Can Become a UConn Master Composter?

Anyone, whether you compost now or not, who wants to learn more about composting and is willing to share their composting skills and knowledge with the public through volunteer activities such as presentations, workshops, exhibits, tabling at events, assisting school composting projects, demonstrations or other activities, is welcome to apply. Typically, a maximum of 24 applicants can enroll in the program each year. Slots are filled on a first come basis.

Originally an in-person program, since Covid, the UConn Master Composter Program has migrated to an online and now, a hybrid program with some in person and some online sessions and will likely continue with this venue. In 2022, there were 2 online evening classes and 2 in person Saturday sessions. Field trips may once again be built into the curriculum. Participants are expected to attend all classes. Upon completion of the course, candidates must complete a minimum of 2 approved outreach activities totaling a minimum of 20 hours. A graduation ceremony is typically held the following fall and a UConn Master Composter Certificate and Name Badge is presented to candidates meeting the requirements of the program.

master composter certification

Please note: This is a train the trainer program. It is expected than all participants will engage in outreach activities. If you cannot attend all classes and/or do not wish to engage in outreach activities, please do not sign up for this program.

The UConn 2022 Master Composter Program was held in September of 2022. The next program will be held in 2023. If you want to be placed on a notification list, email: dawn.pettinelli@uconn.edu or gail.reynolds@uconn.edu.

UConn Master Composter Coordinators:

Dawn Pettinelli


Dawn Pettinelli
Associate Extension Educator
UConn Dept of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Gail Reynolds


Gail K. Reynolds, M.F.S.
Master Composter Program Coordinator
UConn Dept of Extension