Who we are

The UConn Home & Garden Education Center accepts requests for assistance or information on horticultural topics and garden and household pests from individuals throughout Connecticut as well as solicitations from out-of-state and, occasionally, international clients. Inquiries come from both commercial and residential sources. The Center is the Northeast Regional First Responder to Extension ‘Ask the Expert’ questions. The UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab is a member of the National Plant Diagnostic Network and the Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network.

    What We Have to Offer You:

    Toll-Free Number: Call With Your Gardening Or Pest Questions: (877) 486-6271

    Email: Send Your Gardening or Pest Questions and photos to: ladybug@uconn.edu

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    Plant Diagnostic Lab – Get Your Pest Problems Resolved Here!

    Soil Nutrient Analysis Lab – Don't Guess, Soil Test!

    Outreach events – Come Meet Us and Ask Your Questions at the CT Flower & Garden Show


      Consumer Horticulture Team

      • Dawn Pettinelli, Center Director & Associate Extension Educator
      • Sydney Everhart, Department Head of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
      • Nick Goltz, Plant Pathologist & Assistant Extension Educator
      • Pamela Cooper, Horticulture Consultant
      • Marie Woodward, Horticulture Consultant
      • Heather Zidack, Horticultural Consultant