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  • A Sweet (Potato) Harvest!
    Despite the summer’s drought, this was a great growing season for sweet potatoes. While they are tropical plants and typically associated with being grown in more southern climates, many varieties do well here in New England. They are not related to potatoes but rather, morning glories. Not only are sweet potatoes a highly nutritious vegetable, […]
  • Cover Crops Offer a Number of Beneficial Ecosystem Services
    Cover cropping is becoming a practice used by many farmers for its benefits to soil health and sustainable agriculture. Cover crops are crops that are commonly planted after the primary cash crop is harvested in order to avoid periods of bare soil. Sometimes cover crops are planted before the cash crop harvest to extend the […]
  • Overwintering Dahlias
    For many gardeners, dahlias are the superstars of the garden. Big, beautiful, long-blooming, and rich in a rainbow of colors, dahlias make summer to fall a colorful ball. And with just a little special care, the dahlias that made this summer special can come back next year to do an even better job. Proper winter […]