Smart Shopping, Healthy Seedlings and Other April News

View as a PDF   “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy plants, and that’s the same thing.” – Unknown Smart Shopping At The Garden Center! This time of year is when the trucks start filling the garden centers with fresh plant material and new varieties! Growers who have been growing their new stock […]

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Adding fertilizer to perennials with a watering can and a hand rake.

It’s Spring! Time to Feed the Plants!

View As PDF By Dawn Pettinelli, UConn Home & Garden Education Center Plants need nutrients to grow and develop just like we need vitamins and minerals. They get most of their nutrients dissolved in the water they take up with their roots. When we add fertilizer to the soil around our garden plants, we are […]

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  • Mulch Calculations in the Bag! April 12, 2024
    In spring, gardeners will be starting to seek out materials like mulch, stone, compost and topsoil as a foundation or as a finishing touch for many projects. These materials can be sold in bags or as a bulk product. While the difference between the two may seem obvious, a gardener may select bagged or bulk […]
  • All About Sansevieria April 5, 2024
    The Sansevieria group makes up some of my favorite houseplants. Scientists recently placed them in the genus Dracaena, but its former scientific name seems to also be one of its common names. I will continue to refer to it as Sansevieria in this article to avoid confusion. In the future, you will most likely see […]